Definitely understand how to create an emotional connection with your customer

In the age of technology, understanding the consumer’s purchase journey is a necessity for every company. After all, fierce competition requires a solid strategy to stand out in the market.

It is important to know that the emotional connection of the customer with the brand is a fundamental requirement for loyalty. In practice, this means that the consumer needs to create a positive bond with the product or service that your company offers.

It may even seem contradictory to talk about emotional connection when the trend points to digital tools that decrease human contact in the buying process. However, investing in customer relationships can bring a lasting positive result for your business. A satisfied consumer tends to buy more and also helps to promote the brand to their network of contacts.

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Offer personalized service

Virtual or in person, customer service must always be friendly and helpful. It is essential to invest in training each employee who has direct contact with people interested in purchasing your product.

From offering a coffee to the shopper in the store to addressing your customer by their first name when sending a message, every detail must be thought through carefully in order to generate an emotional connection.

Create a campaign that values ​​the emotional factor

The storytelling technique has been successfully used in promotional actions around the world. Through a fictional story, it is possible to cause a positive emotion in your audience, increasing the customer’s identification with the brand. This is the case with a nostalgic video or ad, for example, that arouses a strong feeling and can drive a purchase.

Apply sensory marketing to your business

Emotional connection is closely linked to the five senses. Stimulating the customer’s hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste can associate a positive feeling with your brand, creating a permanent effect on memory.

  • use a colour palette that conveys tranquillity;

  • create a unique fragrance for the store;

  • put ambient sound at the point of sale;

  • think about the texture of the product packaging;

  • offer the customer a cookie or mini chocolate as a gift.

With creativity, it is possible to come up with other alternatives to activate all of your audience’s senses.

Stimulate customer engagement

An important factor for a positive shopping experience is engagement. Currently, it is possible to use technology to interact with the consumer at all times, through social networks.

To strengthen the bond and create an emotional connection with the customer, you can use a poll, chat, online contest and other resources within your marketing strategy. Asking for feedback after an acquisition is also a practice that can bring good results.

What all these points have in common is customer focus—an essential requirement for creating a true emotional connection. Listening to your audience, understanding their desires and needs is essential to have a positive result in the company’s revenue and image with its customers.

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