4 essential factors for the success of a building

Success in a building material store is related both to the diversity of its products and to the strategies that management executes to attract customers. For sales actions to be applied efficiently, there are some factors that need attention.

We separate 4 of them below, with tips that can contribute to the success in managing this type of business. Follow up!

1. Organize the products

The lack of material organization usually hurts sales. The problem can appear in the lack of product when there is no efficient replacement system. It also occurs due to poor organization: the team does not find out in time what needs to be replaced.

A disorder can still occur due to poor communication and the lack of a follow-up in the warehouse. For example, when a product that has already been sold is not written off, frustrates the consumer who comes looking for it.

This harms not only that specific sale but potential business in the future — as that customer is likely not to return. Therefore, it is essential to organize the items sold by your home improvement store.

2. Implement an inventory control system

To avoid the problem mentioned above, the tip is to adopt a technology that helps in control — such as a management system with a module for stock tracking. It is also recommended to implement organizational methodologies that help in inventory management, such as:

  • First In, First Out (PEPS);

  • First Out First Out (PVPS).

In these models, you prevent the merchandise from winning or being stranded for a long time, generating cost. The second tends to be more efficient at preventing loss, as products purchased at the same time may have different expiration dates. In this case, those closest to expiry are prioritized in sales.

3. Make a good partnership

Partnering with another company can help your business take the product to other regions — including the international market. Therefore, invest in a process of attracting potential partners. Remember to carefully evaluate each supplier, distributor and logistic carrier.

In this analysis, it is necessary to go beyond the price check. Factors such as commitment to delivery time, the synergy between teams and delivery of differentials are also important. When looking for a partner, it is advisable to think about a medium to a long-term relationship.

4. Provide good service

Good service not only helps in sales but also helps to retain the customer. Conduct team training, so that they get to know each product in-depth and know-how to answer any consumer questions — in addition to treating them with cordiality.

Also look for a tool that supports customer service. 

This tool groups information that helps in the interaction with the buyer. It allows you to understand what your need is when looking for the company.

A home improvement store that wants to be successful needs to focus its efforts on providing good customer service. But this is only possible if the other departments provide the necessary support. It is essential to keep stock up to date, deliver the order on time, prepare consumer data, among other processes.

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