This is a considerable challenge, as monitoring external work is not always easy. Exactly for this reason, we produced this text with some tips and valuable information for your day to day. Want to find out how to evaluate the performance of your drivers? Learn more by reading the following topics.

Why evaluate the performance of your drivers?

Logistics is a strategic area, so it must be conducted efficiently and based on continuous process improvement. This, in itself, is already a good argument for evaluating the performance of drivers.

Monitoring and performance analysis are good people management practices, being applied in all types of companies. Therefore, transport drivers should also be evaluated. When well executed, the process gives the manager a systematic view and generates numerous benefits, such as:

  • increase in the useful life of vehicles;
  • reduction in corrective maintenance rates;
  • reduces spending on traffic fines;
  • reduces the occurrence of accidents;
  • improves product delivery times;
  • facilitates the control of drivers’ working hours.

How to do a driver performance assessment?

Did you see how important it is to dedicate yourself to the performance evaluation of drivers? Undoubtedly, this care boosts the productivity of your team, becoming a major competitive advantage. But how to do this? If this is a challenge for your business, the time has come to learn how to overcome it. See our tips!

Make sure deadlines and schedules are met

Many managers find it difficult to monitor and evaluate the performance of drivers because they work outside the home. However, there are ways to do this monitoring effectively, and among them we highlight the verification of compliance with deadlines, routes and delivery windows .

Therefore, always monitor the moment the vehicles are loaded and the drivers’ working hours. Remember that you must comply with the rules about stops and rests. Another interesting practice is route planning, as it allows the early definition of the points at which the driver must stop. In addition, tracking software can help with complex management, providing the necessary data for monitoring with real-time visibility.

Assess whether drivers practice safe driving

Good drivers need to adopt good driving practices. After all, it’s not enough to be fast: you have to be careful and cherish the integrity of the vehicle and cargo. So you should watch how he drives the truck. In this case, vehicle tracking and monitoring systems are allies, as they inform about speeding and route deviation, for example.

This very cool video about safe driving from SEST SENAT (Social Transport Service and National Transport Learning Service) shows the basic principles for safe driving.

Pay attention to the conditions of fleet vehicles

When was the last time you inspected company vehicles? They indicate how your drivers have been driving, helping to assess and correct misconduct. By observing the durability and interval of necessary maintenance, it is possible to identify whether drivers are considering good practices behind the wheel.

In general, it is important to observe fuel consumption, tire and brake wear, and even cabin cleanliness. Another important detail: evaluate your drivers’ internet data consumption, as this can also be an indication of distractions behind the wheel.

Work with performance indicators

As we are talking about a driver performance evaluation, it is important that you have parameters to evaluate the collected data. Therefore, the definition of performance indicators is indispensable.

It is worth noting that this decision varies depending on your needs. That is, you need to know the reality of your company and understand which factors need to be monitored more carefully. See some suggestions:

  • percentage of deliveries completed on time ;
  • average autonomy of the driven vehicle;
  • amount of fines received;
  • traffic accident rate;
  • average time to change vehicle tires.

Be transparent and inform drivers about the assessment

Transparency in the driver assessment process is a point that needs to be taken into account. After all, your team must be aware that they are being monitored.

The ideal is to inform them about the indicators used and make it clear which behaviors will be evaluated. In addition to avoiding problems, this simple attitude contributes to improving the performance of shipments and the shopping experience of your consumers.


Make technology an ally in the assessment of driver performance

Technology is a great ally of logistics, as it simplifies your life when it comes to checking how your drivers are doing. Therefore, failing to take advantage of its full potential ends up being a mistake. There are already tools available on the market that help in the complex management of information in logistics processes.

In other words, study the options at your disposal and implement an intelligence system for logistics with robustness, scalability and flexibility. This will make all the difference in your results!

How does Intelipost help in this work?

When it comes to technology in favour of logistics, Intelipost is a leader in logistics technologies. Our shipper TMS  has features that integrate shippers and carriers, giving a complete view throughout the delivery cycle.

One of our tools is the scripting module. With it, it is possible to carry out planning and routing for several addresses at the same time through Artificial Intelligence, and automated cargo separation, all according to the capacity of each vehicle, among other benefits.

Automatically collected data is a valuable source for e-commerce managers. Knowing exactly when pickups and deliveries were made, as well as having efficient routes at hand, simplifies your task.

In summary, in addition to improving the quality of deliveries, you will have access to several important pieces of information about the work of drivers. Therefore, do not waste time and carefully evaluate the adoption of a TMS solution.

Driver performance assessment is essential for the success of business logistics. For this, put into practice the tips presented and don’t forget to invest in good technologies.