This intelligence contributes to the company’s optimization since each process, activity, production and sale of a given product is recorded and closely monitored, which ends up helping in the flow of information and, consequently, giving greater visibility and improvements at the moment of taking of decision.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence, also known as BI, is a term that refers to digital tools that help improve the performance of certain businesses. In this sense, the applications, software and modern tools used to access data are also part of this action plan, which contributes to the definition of a coherent strategy for the good development of fleet management.

How does the business intelligence system work?

This system works by capturing information that is acquired and recorded in a database specifically designed for your business. Thus, through this organized process known as Dimensional Modeling, it is possible to verify and work with a large amount of data without loss of performance.

Added to this, through the integration of different operating systems, business intelligence stores the data in a specific location called the Data Warehouse. Given this, metrics, even coming from different sources, such as spreadsheets and systems such as ERP, can be studied together, collaborating with the creation of efficient indicators for the company in question.

How important are business intelligence reports for shipping management?

To reduce logistics costs and help optimize certain processes in a company, the use of reports is extremely important. Now, dealing specifically with cargo transport in Brazil, which, in turn, has been a daily challenge for many carriers and retailers, mainly due to high tax burdens, the use of strategic solutions, such as business intelligence, would contribute to the better development of this sector.

The use of digital reports and online platforms is a good option to streamline and control your store’s order management, as they provide all the necessary information in real-time, such as travel routes, vehicle conditions and other complementary information.

This monitoring is extremely important to optimize the use of fleet vehicles. After all, through this system, it is possible to control the entry and exit of vehicles, thus preventing them from being stopped in the yard, causing damage to the company in the end.

What are the advantages of BI for reporting optimization?

BI is one of several areas of broad Data Science. The main idea is to assemble in an organized and accurate way graph, spreadsheets and reports with accurate data from the fleets and, through this, understand what happens during the stages of cargo transport and what decisions need to be made.

The use of technology in the elaboration of strategies directed to the management of shipments is very advantageous since the managers will be able to schedule in advance the stops for the inspection of a vehicle, which in addition to saving time and preserving the car, also reduces the financial costs.

So, since an operations manager lives with a whirlwind of information at all times, such as fuel control, maintenance date, fines, tachographs and other things, BI helps in these tasks and can quickly and simply measure the performance sector and its results.

In addition, Intelipost’s Analytics module is a special tool that allows for integration with other systems and provides visibility into the average freight cost applied, the average promised and accomplished term for each of the deliveries, the occurrences, as well as the follow-up macro and micro status of orders.

How to use business reports intelligently and strategically?

It is a fact that one of the main pillars of efficient fleet management is controlling costs so that the gains are greater than the losses. Given this, you can use BI as an operation analysis tool. Thus, you will be able to separate fixed and variable costs and develop your reports with relevant information that can be monitored regularly.

How important report for shipping management?

Choosing the right software that will help to control orders accurately is a difficult task that needs a lot of attention on the part of the manager and those responsible for the company. Thus, when formulating a report, it is necessary to pay extra attention so that some information is not lost.

The report helps keep the operation in order and guides managers in making the right decisions that will help with productivity.

Finally, now that you know a little more about what business intelligence reports are and their role in logistics, just look for a company that is a reference in the transport management market, such as Intelipost, and hire their services. .