Can my company use memes on social media?

Nowadays, it is common to see a lot of memes on social media. Maybe you don’t know them by that name, but you’ve certainly come across several. In general, a meme is a joke, a humorous image, or even an interesting video that is shared and passed on from one person to another.

Amazingly, the concept comes from biology. In the book “The Selfish Gene”, from 1976, Richard Dawkins presents the meme as an evolutionary cultural representation, transmitted from one person to another. Currently, any viral content (which spreads on the internet) can be considered a meme, as it conveys a ‘portion’ of human culture on a large scale.

Want to understand when your company can use memes on social media? Keep reading!

What is the purpose of using memes on social media by a company?

The usefulness of the meme goes far beyond generating laughter. When inserted into a marketing strategy , its main objectives are:

  • improve engagement with the brand’s audience;

  • attract new followers to the company’s page or profile;

  • bring the brand closer to the user, working on its image and positioning.

What should a company evaluate before using a meme?

While there is no hard and fast rule for meme usage, it is highly recommended to evaluate a few points. See below!


It is necessary to know if the persona profile fits with the use of meme in an advertisement. For example, a serious or older audience may not engage as much with this type of media.

company profile

Assess whether your brand’s positioning in the market matches this type of initiative. A company that works with a more serious tone of voice hardly uses meme.

business type

If a chewing gum brand uses meme in its communication, it matches its positioning. But for a tax auditing company, for example, the same strategy can be quite different from the image to be conveyed.

How to properly use memes on social media?

Once you’ve concluded that social media memes are a compatible strategy for your business, it’s time to put your development into practice. To hit the nail on the head, follow the tips below!

have common sense

Never forget the strategy behind meme usage. It may even be that you make a post with no sales purpose, but it is essential not to go over the limit. As a rule, if the meme is not offensive, it can be used.

consider the context

Another interesting point is to relate the content of the meme with your product, brand or campaign. Try to use this media not only to entertain the audience, but also to create a purpose.

Again, don’t forget common sense. That is, don’t force the bar by linking a meme that doesn’t match the company’s positioning just in an attempt to create engagement. The consumer is no fool, and the whole idea can go down the drain.

Find the correct timing

Don’t forget to consider the timing of the post. At the same rate as it emerges, a meme can quickly fall by the wayside and no longer make sense. Ideally, use it the moment it comes to light, so engagement is guaranteed. On the other hand, using an old one can make your business look outdated and boring.

We can conclude that, yes, it is possible for a company to use memes on social networks. For this, it is important to make sure that the brand’s positioning, tone of voice and audience are compatible with this type of communication. From there, just follow the tips we brought here to get the best out of the strategy.

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