Delight your customers with these 5 customer service tips

Providing good service is the key to customer loyalty and differentiating yourself from the competition. Despite the importance of valuing the best experience, many companies still do not care about the topic as they should.

According to a survey, Brazil ranks second to last in customer service friendliness. Don’t make this mistake in your business. Among service tips that cannot be left out of your radar are getting to know your product and expanding the mix offered.

Betting on cross-sell , knowing how to listen to customer needs and understanding the profile of those who buy from your company are other essential strategies to delight consumers and improve loyalty.

Check out 5 service tips to apply right now!

1. Know your product

The first step in delighting the customer with service is to know well what you sell. When the seller knows all the characteristics of a product or service, he has more subsidies to emphasize the benefits that the customer will have when making the purchase.

In this sense, it is important to promote constant training for the sales force on the mix offered by the company, as well as to reinforce with the team the advantages of each product and/or service.

2. Amplify the mix

Having a wide mix of products or services is another way to delight your customer. The more options your company offers to the consumer, the more chance you have of being able to close a sale by having the right product and service for each customer and for each need.

Review the mix offered by your business and analyze the need to update offers to better serve your brand’s consumer.

3. Bet on cross-sell

Another amazing tip to not only win the customer but also increase your company’s sales is to practice cross-selling . In practice, this means that you can take advantage of the contact with the existing customer to offer another product or service according to that consumer’s profile.

If the person contacts a women’s fashion store to buy a dress, the seller can take advantage of the interaction to offer a shoe that matches the garment, for example.

4. Know how to listen

It’s no use trying to sell the customer a product or service that has nothing to do with what they are looking for or need at the moment. The best way to use customer service to avoid this misconception is to show willingness to listen to what the consumer has to say.

Listening to the customer is the only way to understand their need and thus be able to offer even what they don’t even know they need.

5. Understand the customer profile

Understanding the profile of your target audience is an essential step to serve you in the best possible way. Know what the customer expects from your company, adapt your mix to that need and see what you can offer to delight them.

Follow these 5 customer service tips and improve the customer experience with your company even more!

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