Marketing for supermarkets: what are the best actions?

Undoubtedly, trade marketing is the main marketing strategy for supermarkets. However, did you know that there are other ways to capture consumer attention?

In neuromarketing, the purchaser’s decision is positively influenced. The more we know about the human brain, the better we understand how consumers respond to a promotional action.

In this article, we will present the main tips for you to sell more. Follow up!

Caprice in lighting

Some neuromarketing techniques lead to an immediate result. For example, ambient lighting has a strong impact on people. Therefore, the point of sale must be a place of emotion for the customer.

To optimize your company’s lighting, it is essential to carefully plan the type of scene — mixing the right combinations of light, taking care of distribution and balancing the color temperature, for example.

Remember that every action must consider the customer’s profile. Is your audience more traditional, irreverent, adventurous? What is the predominant age group? Don’t hesitate to come up with a bold way to showcase the best you have to offer.

Pay attention to the size of the cart

It is very common to walk through the aisles of the supermarket and pick up items that were not on the list. Have you ever stopped to think that a small cart fills up quickly and, for this reason, the customer may think they are buying more than they should? When this happens, there is a high chance that he will give up on some product.

On the other hand, when the cart is spacious, the objects are spread out – which gives the feeling of spending less. It’s all psychological.

Use price psychology

Do you know why the ‘broken’ price product sells well? No matter how small the value, the offer triggers an urgency trigger, as the person believes he is facing a huge advantage.

Thus, the price of BRL 9.99 is more popular than the BRL 10 price, even if the difference is only one cent. Have you noticed that price psychology is also used to encourage impulse buying?

Work marketing for supermarkets with color psychology

The study of hues in relation to human behavior is known as color psychology. This means that each is influenced by codes that also depend on culture, values ​​and a variety of other factors.

For example, the color orange represents creativity, adventure, enthusiasm, success and balance. It adds a dash of fun anywhere. Red is often used to attract attention. It is related to passion, emotion, danger, energy and action.

Stimulate the customer’s mental trigger with a poster, signage or other printed material at your point of sale. Even a product’s packaging can be designed through neuromarketing research .

offer a reward

Many companies have found rewards to be a great way to get customers to buy again. While this is a good strategy, the power of reward is most effective when it is combined with short-term and long-term actions.

For example, a get-two-pay-one offer gives a quick result. The distribution of a gift or discount by means of accumulating points on the card, in turn, makes the customer gain the benefit after visiting the supermarket several times.

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